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IHS Consultants, Inc. is Raleigh’s leading choice for annuity insurance policies. We shop the most competitive deals available on the market, helping you minimize contributions while maximizing your output. If you’re looking for a comprehensive retirement income, an annuity from us is the best place to start.

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The Benefits of an Annuity from IHS Consultants, Inc.

An annuity investment is a type of life insurance contract used for future income, say for retirement. During your working years, you can purchase an annuity, make regular contributions, and receive future disbursements to help you plan for economic stability.

Our annuity packages are based on low-cost, high-value solutions driven by consumer’s needs. With our help, you will be able to:

  • Plan for retirement
  • Maximize your earnings
  • Have a stable financial future
  • Protect yourself from job loss or income loss

We offer a variety of annuity options suitable for different budgets and needs. They offer a lifetime income that can be an excellent supplement to retirement savings funds.

Our Annuity Insurance Options

At IHS Consultants, Inc., we offer a range of annuity insurance policies, including:

  • Deferred annuities, in which you make regular contributions that will be repaid in the future.
  • Immediate annuities, which allow you to invest a lump sum of cash into a steady source of income.

When you purchase an annuity, the money is typically returned in regular monthly payments. You may also choose to have quarterly or annual payments. The payback amount is determined by the time of purchase, the value of annuity, and other factors. For more information on the annuity insurance options available to you, be sure to get in touch with us to set up a consultation.

Enjoy a No-Obligation Consultation for Annuity Planning

We’re here to help you make smart investment decisions and plan for the future. That’s why we’re proud to offer you a no-obligation consultation: so you can learn about your options, compare the advantages of each, and make the right choice for you and your family.

During our detailed consultation process, we will introduce you to a series of annuity options and help you to find the most appropriate plan for you and your family. We will share with you the best way to find annuities that offer instant cashback and discuss the benefits of both deferred and immediate annuity funds.

When it comes to finding the best annuities, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Our insurance specialists will help you find what will best benefit your specific situation and budget. 

Choosing an Annuity Fund

If you’re trying to determine the right type of annuity, our qualified consultants will assist you. Here are a few key points you will want to consider while you shop:

  • Fees for early withdrawal
  • How soon you will need the money
  • Who your beneficiaries are
  • What your other retirement plans look like

With these considerations made and our insurance team in your corner, you can rest easy knowing your financial future is in the most qualified hands.

For the Best Annuity Rates in Raleigh, Choose IHS Consultants, Inc.

We know we’re your best bet for local annuity policies. We’ve helped countless clients plan for the future and get the most out of their earnings. We know we can do the same for you, too.

Our experts will help guide you through the different types of annuities and the benefits of each, helping you to find an option that meets your budget and circumstance.

To get started, be sure to contact us today.