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Executive Benefits

IHS Consultants, Inc. provides your business with a robust selection of executive benefits that will help you retain and reward top talent, protect your business, and keep key employees incentivized and well compensated for their role in the success of your organization.

Your top executive team is at the helm of your business, and to run a tight ship, you'll want to ensure their access to the resources they need to remain at peak performance. Our certified insurance brokers give your business access to the competitive resources required to satisfy your key players with the benefits and compensation you provide.

Connect with our knowledgeable agents for a personalized approach to selecting the best executive benefits. Reach us at (910) 619-1891 to schedule an appointment to consult with our benefits specialists.

Executive Benefit Services

Don't get roped into a one-size-fits-all package that isn't the right fit for ensuring top executives stay with your company. When you work with our certified brokers, we help you select the executive benefit services that make the most sense for your budget and give your organization a competitive advantage.

Sit down with us to discuss your goals with a seasoned professional with many years of experience connecting private businesses with insurance coverage solutions that offer the most protection, including:

Life and Disability Insurance for Executives

A highly compensated employee requires a higher level of life and disability insurance coverage than a traditional group insurance plan offers. This is true because regular benefits don't take an executive's complete compensation into mind or calculate benefits and income replacement options that match this higher tier of employee payment.

Your executive team deserves a robust, competitive, and protective selection of life and disability insurance that is simple to enroll in. Connect with our providers to explore the benefits of choosing supplemental insurance options that give your executives peace of mind.

Protect Your Business with Key Person Life Insurance

If your business relies on a critical player to lead your company, key person life insurance is crucial to your organization's complete protection and success.

If your business would suffer a significant loss due to the absence or ill-health of a critical member of your corporate team, investing in a key person's life or disability insurance plan can help you:

  • Ease stakeholder's minds
  • Retain the resources needed to recruit and train replacement personnel
  • Manage outstanding payments
  • And more!

Executive Bonus Plans are Powerful Tools for Retention

Would you like to explore how an executive bonus plan can make your business more attractive to potential talent? A risk-free consultation would give us the opportunity to explain the benefits of selecting this option for your top performers. Call today to consult with us at no risk.

Call Top-Rated Executive-Benefits Consulting Professionals Today

IHS Consultants, Inc. strives to match you with personalized executive benefits consulting that helps you identify the best insurance opportunities to ensure your business continues to grow and thrive. Our certified agents are always happy to answer any questions you have.

Call us at (910) 619-1891 to get started with a non-committal consultation.

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